Food Fantasy is a Mix of Persona with Atelier

The brand-new mobile game that is taking the gaming world by storm is none other than Food Fantasy. That’s right, I feel for another mobile game, but I’ll blame Pink and Gipsy 1000%. It was them gaming that made me intrigued, and now I’ve been sucked in. Thanks to that, you get a new freshly spanked out post woooo! 😀

I’m gonna be honest, I thought this was a really weird premise. Food as humans??? TF! BUT well now I’m sold. If you don’t take it too seriously and just go along with it, are in it for the gameplay and to have some fun, it’ll be a good ride.

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Food Fantasy’s strong point is that it’s a hybrid of management and RPG battles. The restaurant management is fun. You get to make, discover and level up recipes for the restaurant. With it you’ll earn more money and more popularity for your restaurant. You also control the staff, who’s the cook and who’s the waiters, which is important to choose characters with Cooking skills because they’ll last longer and have boosts.

At first it’s harder because characters have Freshness levels, so when the Freshness ends they’ll be out of commission. In order for that to not happen you have to feed them. When you turn level 16 the Ice Arena will open up. It’s where you can send spent Food Souls in order to get healed. It simplifies and helps so dang much, I grinded just to get it open. I really needed it!

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Another part that’s fun is the RPG battles. Building a team, fighting, and also grinding for items for recipes? Sign me up!

In a sense, this is like the Atelier games, but without the time management parts. It’s a more streamlined, accessible Atelier game and I’m really happy for it, let me tell you! I dread anything timed, so I much prefer this because I’ve never played the Atelier games because I’m intimidated.

A really nifty feature is the Sweep button in the battles. Once you get 3 stars/flames in the battles you can use Sweep. Sweep will get experience, and more important items that you need. You can also Sweep 5 times in a row with just the click of 1 button. Time saving and ease of use, that’s my kind of features!

Food Souls defeat Fallen Angels, the enemies plaguing the world and invading towns, murdering people and overall enemies. Food Souls are a bit like Persona, but with food instead of gods or deities.

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The game is fully voiced in English and also in Japanese, it’s also a selling point for some people because there’s a lot of famous English and Japanese voice actors. The art is pretty, luxurious and enticing. The game is also really nice in giving bonuses, Super Rare cards, giving good items, the energy refilling fast, and the gacha is generous. There’s only around 10 really hard cards to get, and even then I actually got one of them, UR of Gingerbread haha! My luck is the worst, so it was the only good card I got by myself.

As I said the game is generous, gives SR’s and R cards from the get go so you can have a nice team. Not many do that, but it’s true. Basically the tutorial gives all the same set of cards to everyone, then after that when you gacha it’s all luck. There’s also cards being given for login bonuses, and for pre-registration/early joining the game.

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There’s also a curious thing which is some cards only get their special skills unlocked when in a team with other cards. Steak and Red Wine and Hamburger are such a team. As is Milk, Black Tea and Coffee. This means some UR’s only get their good skills unlocked when in the presence of a R card, which means you’ll have to juggle your teams based on both the cards power but also the combo.

Some cards you can only get from other parts of the game like delivery of food, Tip Store (which tips are earned from the restaurant), and even battles where Shards drop. This is an interesting system, since this means there’s more chances of everyone getting good cards thanks to it.

I never spend money on mobile games, and this one really makes my experience fun without being Pay-to-Win, unlike every other gacha game I’ve tried. I appreciate it, and that’s why I’m here making this post, though of course I’m here to make others fall down to hell with me 😉

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A component of the game is time. As in all free-to-play mobile games, actions take time to do. Discovering recipes, the chef making food for the restaurant, deliveries of food, someone requesting food will only wait for an hour or so. Even battles have timers, so if you don’t defeat them fast enough you’ll lose when the time runs out. This is because usually a part of the circumstances to get 3 flames/stars in stages is to defeat it in a small amount of time, from 60 to 120 seconds. This makes the battles more challenging but also more engaging. You can’t just zone out and let the game play for you, there’s no auto-play. The only automated feature is the “special skill gets used as soon as it fills in” which if you decide to use them you might lose in Hard stages, and boss battles, because it can’t discern when to use or not to use Healing.

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At its core, this is a card collecting game and it’s nice in what it does. There’s both female and male characters, so everyone can enjoy this game. There’s various styles that I’m sure will please plenty of gamers and fans.

I say give it a spin if you haven’t yet, you might just fall in love 😉

If you do decide to try it out, add me! My ID is 161216


Had you heard about this game before? Are you playing it? How are you liking it? What do you think of it? Tell me everything!


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