It’s good stuff. It’s like Scrivener but easier to get. Sleek, minimalist but still has a lot of features if one wants them, ease of use, light, free, open source.

I like using the daily quota, even though I don’t write every day but like that when I start a session/open a project at least I have some goal to write to, also checking what they’ve done/written. I love the Idea Board so much, I copy-pasta from my Evernote notes into it since it’s great to put plot points on it.

It’s not buggy either, plus I really like how easy to navigate it is while still having everything organized and ready to go. Scrivener always confused me, and Word is..lol Google Docs is also lol because it’s terrible to try to edit ANYTHING in a long flowing document.

Quollwriter has separate chapters, hubs for characters, items, places, locations, research, extra info you want to add but don’t want to keep a dozen notes on separate files/words you can just put it all there and voila. Perfect.

It’s good stuff as I said, try it out~!

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