Sheith WIPs


I have a lot of ideas for these 2 dorks tbh but my main 2 rn are:

Sheith in zombie apocalypse heavily influenced by all the gay chinese web novels with cultivators in post-apocalyptic world with zombies. I’ve written like 5k for the prologue and I’m not done over with either :’DDDD

Once the prologue is done I’ll post it on AO3 because hopefully it’ll quick my ass to write more and also to find a beta reader, or someone just to go over it once before posting T_T

I’ve been doing a lot of world building and thinking for this fic, I have Evernote post for it FULL to the gills with so many information I can conjure.

My writing is not as best as I want it, so this is gonna be a rough start but hopefully I’ll improve as I go :’D

Is anyone else excited to read about zombie sheith? Cause I’m thirsting for it but I don’t seem to find many.

And speaking of thirsting for what there isn’t, my second is Sheith Gaymers/mmorpg players also inspired by chinese web novels. I’M JUST READING A LOT OF THEM OKAY, IT’S WHY I’M SO INSPIRED SHSDHSDI

I’ve written like 2k for it but I have no idea where I want to take it so it’s on ice rn.

I have many other ideas that I’ve written down, but no clear goals nor set ideas for them.

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