Voltron Season 8 Thoughts (Spoilers Warning)


All of Voltron’s fandom, shippers and non-shippers even antis and haters that squabbled, have been angry and pissed and sad and just disappointed with this season. For good reason.

The fights were great, the stakes were high, it did things right. But then…it started falling apart by the end. And the more it fell apart, the more the previous episodes started feeling hollow and finding plot holes.

This is NOT about ships. This is because they decided to kill Allura, made the characters have none of their integrity and strength from the previous seasons, this is because they decided to marry Shiro off to a rando dude and while at it retired him at age 27.

I’ve had friends crying themselves to sleep, getting drunk to sleep, over how hurt they felt they’d do this disservice to a show that started so strong. Voltron went from the Top to the Bottom. There’s nothing more depressing than a show to be so good from start and then going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

That the paladins and cats didn’t try to help Allura, so that she didn’t die? Feels wrong.

Lance getting eternally sad with a dead GF? Feels wrong.

Shiro married to rando dude called Curtis? Feels wrong.

That they explained and even redeemed Honerva and Lotor and Zarkon, and then didn’t bring back at least Lotor for redemption? Feels wrong.

That the family they built as a team just broke and went off? Feels wrong.

That we don’t know who Hunk ended up with, even though they brought up 2 possible relationships on Romelle and Shay? Feels wrong.

That Keith was left alone, as though he made no family, no friends, and with no relationship even though they brought up Acxa, and he said I love You to Shiro? Feels wrong.

That Shiro had no interaction with the paladins alone? Feels wrong.

Keith calling Krolia Krolia instead of Mom like in s6 and s7? Feels wrong.

There’s plenty more, so much more. That Epilogue was absolute trash, the last 10 minutes of the last episode were misguided and destroyed a chunk of what Voltron stood for.

This is a children’s shows, as they remind us, and yes Shiro marrying and kissing on screen is important. But that they made him retire and marry an unknown to do that? I’d have taken him marrying Kolivan, Coran, any of the paladins, over THAT.
That they’d marry a fundamental character like Allura, strong and giving and a healer, who brought back to life Shiro and Lance, but yet she couldn’t be brought back?

This season just…the more I think about it, the more it falls apart. Why was Altea there? If it’s another universe where Altea exists, why couldn’t Lotor and Allura be brought back? Honerva did all that, sacrificed herself, and for what? I’d believe it she’d do it to bring Lotor back to life so he gets a second chance and redemption.

The series feels like a fever dream now. Especially so because the crew, voice actors, writers, animators, have been DEAD silent. No RT’s for good reviews, nothing. Zilch.
They’re acting as if this season never happened, as if they didn’t work on it. As if they aren’t proud of it. And maybe they aren’t, because they’ve all been SILENT.

There’s a petition ongoing for DreamWorks to release the original ending that Studio Mir and the writers worked on, because that? That can’t be it. It reeks of DWorks meddling.

I’m linking the petition. Sign the petition please, if you agree with it. It’s aptly named, Release the Original the Showrunners Wanted.

TBH, I hope the team that worked so hard on this show, were so excited, so happy when they could unveil Shiro was gay, so ecstatic they could do this reboot, get the opportunity to speak up. To show their original ending. To get justice.

If no one does a fix-it fic where Lotor is brought back and redeemed, Allura brought back and Sheith ending, I’m planning on writing it. Until then I’m waiting for someone to do it, because I like consuming more than outputting because I’m lazy.

Until then, we have fans doing fix-it endings, ignoring Epilogue and rewriting the ending. That’s all we can do, for now. Just speak up, let your voice be heard.

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