Currently Playing: The Sims


I’ll probably do 2 other of these posts, dedicated to what I’ve been watching and reading, but for now, this is it.

I’ve recently fallen into checking out Sims Stories games after reminiscing about my first Sims game – Bustin Out. Also helped that I’ve been watching people play Sims games – both torturing them and also making interesting things like their ships, their OC’s, etc. That’s what led me to research which Sims games were more story-focused, and lo and behold there existed some.

I’m playing Castaway Stories, Life Stories, Pet Stories and Sims Medieval. Of the four, I must say I’m not as into Medieval. Things take forever to be done since they walk on foot to any part of the map, and overall just more tedious. But hey, might just because I’m playing Castaway alongside it.

I love the Tom Hanks movie, so this game has been a blast so far. I still haven’t played a regular/normal Sims game, but maybe I might check out 3 or 4. I’ve always wanted to get into wrpgs but I’ve never been into their open-world type thing where I can get lost and die from that. Sims seems like a good in between since it’s open world but more character-focused.

Of course Sims is more about creating your own stories and characters, at least the non-stories ones, but I find interesting the parallels between sims and wrpgs, since wrpgs also allow you to tell your story by letting you have choices and quests you can do or skip.

It’s been an interesting fore into this wild jungle I never really explored, it also rejuvenated my interest in gaming. I haven’t done it in months,perhaps a year, but I’m really into it right now~

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