Higurashi Ciconia & Umineko Saku

Just saw this news on Gematsu and I hadn’t known Higurashi was getting a new entry, same for Umineko. I’m super pumped now, they’re one of my fave series and the fact they’re getting localizations in english as soon as they release is super exciting! 🥰

I hope they’re good cause my one fear is that they’ll be bad/not as good as hyped/as good as the previous entries, so praying that they’ll good 🙏

Can’t wait for it and I’m not even upset about the delay since if it wasn’t for these news I wouldn’t know at all the games existed uwu

Reading this other entry in Gematsu I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it cause games focused more on action instead of the mystery solving wasn’t why I loved Higurashi. I still hope it goes well but idk 😦

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