A New Project: Playing Old Classic Games


Well, I wouldn’t call it a project per se. There’s no organization, there’s no deadlines, there’s no set genre nor dates to complete them. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m leisurely doing it until I get too busy and then can’t do it as fast, or at all.

It’s not something to stress over nor to sweat about, it’s very much by the seat of my pants and I’m okay with that.

Basically I’m playing SNES, NES, GBA, Mega Drive (Genesis), Master System, GBC, GB, classic games that I’ve always wanted to play but didn’t have a good enough way to do until I found out about emulators on android phones. Currently really happy with the selection of emulators I picked (John Lite emulators for Nes, Snes and GBC/GB, haven’t yet started Sega games in their own consoles).


After I finish those – mostly RPG’s let’s be honest cause it’s not doable playing platformers and other kinds of games on a cellphone without a controller (which I’ve eyed the Ipega Red Knight for a future when I might have some money to splurge) so I’m sticking to my bread and butter – I want to try PS1, N64 and Saturn games but I doubt my old phone will be able to run those. Mayhaps the PS1 games it will run well, the rest I don’t think so. I’m also taking this chance to play some older games that got fan translations and I always wanted to experiment.

If you have this type of question “But Nes you got a PSVita and a 3DS and a laptop why not game in those?” My answer is that I’m selling them because I need the money and I’m in a rough spot. No consoles for me, in the future when I have enough money I might try to buy a gaming PC but we’ll see. Right now my priority is my health and my studies~


Either way, I’m going off now and I’ll post a few posts for each game I finish soon since I finished 2 already. Nothing in-depth, just my own thoughts they won’t be professional reviews or anything of the sort as I said I changed focus from being a review-like blog into this being more a personal one.

If anyone doing something similar, holla me and let’s talk about old games together! Have a nice day~

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