Hello World!

Time to First Hello World. What does Time To First Hello World… | by Thiago  Nascimento | Medium

/laughs in learning to program

I’m kidding, it’s just that I’ve been gone for so long from this place but I’m considering returning. Lately I’ve been motivated and wanting to learn Japanese again, also taken up gaming again.

I’ve been gone a long while because laziness and also I’ve started a new course, which has been really demanding of me and my skills, so I kinda miss the simplicity of this blog. I miss interacting and talking with each other in comments.

I’m thinking of doing some posts on the otome games I’ve been finishing lately, and mayhaps other stuff. Right now I’m in a rabbit hole called Genshin Impact, it sucked me awayyyy. So that’s also why I’ve been missing hhhh

I find I’m not too into social media atm, even though I got them but most of my stuff is dormant because it takes a lot of energy to keep up with an unending cycle of news and tweets, posts, etc.

Bye bye for now, see you around~

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