Impressions: Gossip Girl Party

Since this game is closing down this month, I thought it’d be best to play it before it got removed. So here I am.

Beforemost I must say I’ve never seen the show for Gossip Girl, so I’m unfamiliar with the characters and events of this game. Someone tell me if this is following the events of the show just with a new character/Mc involfed or is it an AU/nothing to do with it, cause I’m curious!

The reason I actually got snared to try it was the art, the art is really gorgeous and reminds me of UtaPri art, I’m really curious to know who the artist is! It reminds me a bit of Liar! art, but Gossip Girl has better artwork, it calls to the weeb in me with how pretty everyone is hehe

I’m actually really disappointed that this has no OST, nothing in terms of audio, do all the Voltage Party games not have music? It’s a really subpar product like this, it doesn’t feel finished without any audio.

I actually didn’t expect this to be high school/school related, the characters looked mature, but they aren’t. Heck, in fact they were really childish in this prologue. Plus the whole queen bee vs underdog gave me all sort of flashbacks to soap operas xD
The MC is interesting, but uh kinda gullible and verges to the TSTL sometimes. She barely met these characters and she’s accepting car lifts from them, and then gets surprised when she gets stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lol, like what did you expect?? You DON’T KNOW THESE FUCKERS, NONE OF THEM, SMH.

MC also is prone to being snoopy, cause she basically hid to hear conversations and shit, peeping tom (in this case, should I use Marta?) at its best smh. I guess it’s because it’s related to the characters of the show, but still! They could’ve done it better.

It’s a real pity cause the art is so so gorgeous, it really stands out as a major plus. Voltage needs to use this artist more!

Have you heard about this game? Have you played it? Are you sad that it’s closing or not?


  1. Heya Cat!

    I don’t think I’ll ever play this game unless by some divine miracle, Voltage ports it to Steam a la Dogenzaka or allows me to buy the full game one-off.

    Yes, the artwork is by Uta no Prince-sama’s artist- Kurahana Chinatsu ( I’d imagine she wouldn’t be cheap to hire so sadly this could be a one-off thing.

    Anyway, it’s also nice to read a different perspective on it- most reviews I’ve read of this game have been by people who had read the novels and/or watched the TV adaptation prior. I’ve read all of the books some time ago, but from what I hear, this game is based more on the TV show adaptation (which eventually went in a direction independent from the books anyway) without actually following canon events.

    The protagonist isn’t a canon character in the Gossip Girl universe and I don’t believe she is even based on anybody in particular. However, from what I’ve seen and heard, the canon characters- such as Blair, Serena and Chuck- are in-character. The goal must have been to make fans of the series feel like they’re in the show but not alienate those who aren’t in the GG fandom? At least, that’s the impression I’m getting.

    Great to see another otome fan try this one out. Looking forward to more of your thoughts!


    1. Heya Laramie!
      I doubt they’re bringing it, specially since they’re closing the game already x.x
      Ooooh, so the art IS by her, I thought I was being crazy for seeing it x)
      There’s books?! Whoa, did not know that :0
      I think their goal was successful as someone not in the GG fandom, I didn’t feel alienated, and the characters did get introduced pretty well~
      Aw, thanks! Sadly the game is closing this month, tho I am curious if they’re going to bring it back as a paid app or just completely discard it. It would be weird if they discard it, considering the money invested in the art @_@

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