Hi there, I’m Nes! I’m Portuguese, born on 13 of April 1991, and I like books, languages, drawing, sports series, otoge, visual novels and more.

I made this post about my blog’s goal of being more centered around languages, so do check it out if you’re curious!

Recommendations and requests are taken into consideration. Just comment on a post as long as it is related. Beware I might not take you up on that offer tho!

I have an Android Tablet, PSP, Vita, DS and 2DS. I also accept for SNES, NES, GBA, PS1, PC.
Ps3/4 & Xbox/One & Wii/U & Switch I will not accept, since I don’t have those!

You can find me in the following locations so add me! (≧∇≦)/ (tho do say who you’re or I won’t accept).

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