Lately, I’ve been too lazy to use Quollwriter, at least to write WIP’s. Evernote has a quickass mobile app that’s easy to use and syncs like a charm. It’s great for writing, jotting down stuff, saving links and images and even PDF’s. it’s great for research and writing on the go.

I think Quollwriter is great, but since it has no mobile app I don’t end up using it as much. I think I’m gonna put it as my editing software, where after I finish writing the rough project I put it all there to edit and read, since it’s organization is so good.

I’ve heard there’s a new good app like Evernote that’s challenging it and rivaling it, but for now I’m not sure I’ll try it out. Maybe if it has better organization than Evernote. Because that’s the 1 flaw I find is that I can’t make notebooks inside of notebooks, so I have to make multiple notebooks for different projects, instead of having them inside of 1 per ship 😦

I’m lazy to try stuff out though, took me forever to try Evernote out and fall in love, so who knows when this will happen? I’d still have to see and check it out to see if it’s worth changing.

As it is, I’m content for now, though with some hangups that I do REALLY wish it has better organization for projects than it has, and been writing quite a bit. My WIP’s have increased funnily enough, especially Sheith ones hahahaha… :’D

I posted a WIP in AO3, my zombie sheith, and I wrote most of it in Evernote, as are all my current WIP’s been ported to Evernote so I can write on the go, or when I’m in bed and not in my PC.

Wish me luck and keep having fun~

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