Re: Tumblr Censorship


It’s like Tumblr didn’t learn anything from Livejournal’s downfall. Both got taken down by censorship making users leave. LJ users went to Dreamwidth and Tumblr because of censorship and issues LJ was having. Now it’s come full circle with Tumblr users leaving to Dreamwidth and Twitter (and some to Pillowfort) because of the censorship.

The same happened to and why Archive of Our Own happened, becoming the definite hub for fanfics.

It’s a cycle and so funny that it seems none learn from this mistake? Like, it’s been shown time and time again that this makes it so communities and users leave…

I’m glad I never much used Tumblr. I’m more of a blogger myself. I use twitter but rarely, it’s so fast-paced I don’t have the energy and time for it that I used to have. DW and blogs are much less intense and time demanding.

This reminds me I haven’t posted my fics in DW, though I have them in AO3. I probably should post them here just as backups. Never too good to put all your eggs in 1 basket.

This was just some rambling I wanted to do.

Keep reading and have fun~

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