I Hereby Pledge to Only Read Manga in Japanese

I’ll only read manga with furigana, in order to improve my Japanese reading skills and gain vocabulary~

I’d ditched Japanese for Korean, but to be honest I haven’t been studying much. I know maybe 50 Korean words now? And it was because I did more studying in January, but these past weeks, perhaps 2 months, I haven’t been doing much πŸ˜‚

So a few days ago me, Gipsy, Lilli, and Pink were talking, and one thing led to another, and Lilli talked to me about bookwalker. I hadn’t know bookwalker actually has free manga for free, it’s not forever, but for a limited time some volumes and chapters are free to read and access. From shoujo, shounen to BL, hentai, etc. Every single genre gets free stuff available from it. I had no idea. Plus she said she’d share her account with me, for the things she buys, and vice versa.

After talking for a bit, we all decided to only read manga in Japanese because if we have the means then why not? Furigana makes reading manga incredibly easy, especially to look up kanji we don’t know.

So in order to not back off from this sorority, I’m making a blog post about it to make sure I don’t back off. In fact, I’ll even say I’ve already started! After prowling for some good easy beginner manga, I’ve settled on Chi’s Sweet Home and Amatou Penguin. Others like Yotsubato are also recommended. Don’t believe the ones recommending Detective Conan though!! I saw a preview of the first chapter and almost had a heart attack by the amount of text in those bubbles, stay away for your sanity! πŸ˜‚

This does not mean in any way I’m giving up Korean, I’ve learned the script and some words, it’s just why not take one of my hobbies and force myself to actually do it in the language I want to read them in? I can’t read hard, complex mangas that are my favourite without going first through the baby ones. As for Korean, I’m trying a new app out for now, and once I’m finished I’ll definitely share its name and what I think of it.

This also means I’ll have some material and be able to post more of my Learning Japanese With project. I’m hoping I can explain better through manga than through gaming. Learning Japanese through gaming is a slower, frustrating event and it takes much much longer and has much more trial and error. Manga, considering it has furigana, is easier and more accessible. There’s also apps that can scan images and give furigana and translation to those that don’t have furigana. One can do that with games by using some programs in a PC, but that doesn’t work for game in current consoles and portables.


What about you? Do you pledge the same? Have you done any pledges? How’s your learning going? Started any new languages? Tell me all!


  1. ebookJapan has free volumes/additional sample pages of all kinds of series all the time too. (Some, you can keep forever xD) Wishing you success with your Japanese learning, Nessa ❀

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    1. Aww, thank you for telling me sweetheart! ❀ I'll look into it then~
      For you too, good luck with your projects! ❀

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