Again – An Interactive Crime Novel


Tap through the suspense in this interactive crime novel from the developers of Hotel Dusk, only on the Nintendo DS. As FBI agent Jonathan Weaver, you will follow the clues using Past Vision powers and navigate through a fictitious adaptation of an early 90’s crime-ridden New Jersey. 19 years after the first Providence Murder Cases, your goal is to track down the assailants, going through the evidence along the way. As the only survivor of the murder of his family, Weaver has been pursuing unanswered questions ever since.

From GameFAQS

Is the biggest piece of shit game I’ve ever played and it deserves my Kusoge tag.

Ridiculous plot, story, characters. I knew the villain from almost the beginning.

Bogged down performance, slow.

I had to pixel hunt for small stuff like cigarettes butt that did not show at all on the screen.

The art was rendered photographs that looked ugly. I don’t know what compelled them to go down that route after Hotel Dusk and Another Code having such a good art style.

This was their last game, and after such a big steamy pile of shit I am not surprised.

It took me so many hours to finish a game that if it wasn’t so slow moving, turning and going anywhere, it’d be over in 3h tops.

Slowing the game isn’t making it bigger, it’s just making it more annoying!

Happy gaming everyone! (°∀°)b

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


  1. Lol I never played this one, but your review does explain why Cing went bankrupt and why Hotel Dusk 2 was never released in the US… I had to snag a European copy of Last Window at a con a few years ago just so I could play it…


    1. Their best games were Hotel Dusk and Another Code, from what I understood, and not very successful either (⌒_⌒;) I’ve played Another Code and it was better but not astounding, also I don’t know of it is my DS/copy but I got problems doing certain touch things on it too.

      It actually surprised me when Last Window came for Europe and America never received, it’s almost always the opposite xD

      But yeah, Again is not only ugly but also riddled with problems. It was a very shitty last hurrah oo;

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