Spring 2017 Plans

I forgot about doing Winter in Review, and I also forgot Spring plans. Just passed me completely by hah. Let’s tackle this then~


At the moment I just want to be able to write a few more posts to have some padding, since I haven’t been writing or doing much. I don’t know why I suddenly had a relapse, so I’m not going to try to force it.


I’m waiting to see if I’m called for my anxiety and stress course, it’s making me really discomfited that they were supposed to call and haven’t. It’s a 2 months course, if they don’t call me, I’ll probably enroll on a 3 month course on my unemployment center if there’s none for 12th grade that I like yet.


Been playing all the Ace Attorney games so I can start on the 3ds ones, so I wanna play all of AA this Spring. I wanna play all the Professor Layton games so I can play Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton game, but it’s not a priority atm.


Sadly, don’t really have any plans. I wanna edit the videos I have recorded and upload, I did some really good ones. Once I’m feeling better I’ll try it. I make no assurances.


My health is still shot, pain every day whenever I eat things that my body now reacts negatively to, so my list of things I can’t eat are growing. This makes me upset, I can’t eat rice, pastas, potatoes, they all give me a lot of pain. Idk why, and I’m tired, so I wanna remove all that hurts me and also figure what what my problem is but heh, doubt it’ll happen in 3 months.

As you all know I started writing and preparing a visual novel for NanoReNo, once I have more energy I wanna continue writing it and finish it off. I’m glad Nanoreno gave me the push to try this again. I have all the backgrounds and music prepared for it. I just really need to finish writing it.

Curiously enough, I am writing more fiction atm, or at least more in the mood for it. So I’ve been in the mood for books, and I wanna read more.

I don’t really have anything set in stone for this Spring. It’s my birthday 13 of April, so that’s gonna be fun, turning 26, and I do have a post prepared for it that I’m deeply passionate about!

And that’s it. Don’t expect much from me, at all, for Spring or for the rest of the Year :’D

Do you have goals for Spring? If so, what are they? Tell me all.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties with certain foods. Hope your health improves from here. Also, have fun with Ace Attorney! It’s one of my favorite series! And I look forward to your special post! Happy Early Birthday!


    1. Thanks, Panda!
      Yeah it’s a bummer, but life goes on and I’ll get past this.
      AA is one of my faves too, so it feels pretty good to be playing it all~
      Stay tuned xP
      Thank you for the early happy birthday wishes 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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