Winter 2017 in Review

I’ve completely forgotten about this, even though Spring started already a few like a week or so ago. I’ve been very out of it mentally and emotionally speaking. But then again, it might just be that I’ve entered a more depressed status so I’m conserving energy atm.

Let’s recap what my plans were and what actually happened


I only have 16 posts scheduled, so I clearly need to hustle Hustle.

watching and making more anime posts.

Another goal is to try to do more BL posts.

I didn’t hustle hustle, and this is why I’ve decided to lower my monthly posts to 1-2 posts instead. Especially since I’m being very down atm, and I haven’t even started my studies so I’ll have less time then too.

I did make more anime posts. I posted about Ace of DiamondYowamushi PedalRWBY.

I did do more BL posts, I did a couple that stood out to me, like A Guy Like YouTen CountThe Ice-Cold Demon Tale.


I’m going to try to do immersion more this year.

I did no studies nor immersion, haven’t played any game in Japanese to completion. I’m not sure I’ll actually even play one in JP, much less two.


I want to focus on Persona 3

I haven’t finished Persona 3, but I’m close. I just need to get lvl99 and the OP armour to tackle the side content aka side bosses.

I’ve actually haven’t been playing just P3, nor has it been the bulk of my play, at all /shrugs

I’ve been playing mostly the whole of Ace Attorney series on DS so I can start on the 3DS games~


I want to be able to have months ahead in schedule, but I’ll be happy if I can just get one full month ahead. I’ve been recording a lot, so I know I can do it, I just need to edit them and upload, but editing is the hard part tbh :””’D

I have a lot of videos to edit truth be said, but atm I don’t have the motivation because I can’t record new ones. I’m probably going to put my YouTube on hold because I’m just very tired and can’t deal with anything rn. I still want to do it, it’s just atm I’m not seeing how to make it feasible to be truthful 😦

Did you have goals for Winter? If so. were you successful in achieving them? Or do you prefer annual goals? No goals? Or maybe weekly goals instead? Tell me all!

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  1. I’m always in awe at how you make goals for yourself…aside from deadlines in work that are evident, I hardly ever have goals in my blogging life. I’m afraid I would be disappointed over and over again by not making it happen. So I go about blissfully without goals and I’m glad for every blog I make. So, what I wanted to say: don’t be too hard on yourself, especially when your goals are set by yourself.


    1. Aww, thanks, Yvo! I try to make my goals with loose brushstrokes, more of a “I wish I can do these” to at least have some direction~
      You’re doing great, so I think not having goals is working super well for you!
      Thank you, I’ll remember that *hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. if at first you don’t succeed, try again! and again and again 😀
    don’t worry if you don’t complete all your goals, esp if you’re not feeling it ^^
    as for me…i was doing ok but then all i do now is work and sleep O(-( LOL


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