12 Days For Ray’s Route to Drop on Mystic Messenger!

Cheritz just came out with a Tumblr post, here, showing an interview with the voice cast for Ray’s Route, beware it has a spoilers alert for the video.

They also dropped the bombshell that Ray is coming on day 31 of January! 🙌

Are you ready for it? I know I’m not, I don’t even have hourglasses saved for this and I still haven’t done the full route of V, oops 😹

Personally it’d be nice if those 300 hourglasses spent on V also count towards Ray, but I very much doubt it. Cheritz has to make money some way 💦

Are you excited for his route? Or have you lost interest in the game? Do you have hourglasses saved up for him or gonna have to get more? Tell me all! 😁

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