A New Beginning


So what does this title mean? I’m changing my URL and name here, I must say I’ve outgrown both. One is that gaming is not my sole nor main focus and so it’s a misbranding nowadays, plus I want to veer into some content I feel doesn’t fit at the moment. Two is that there’s far too many Cat’s and alternative spellings of it, so I must say I get confused with other bloggers, and I’d prefer to have a more unique name to go with this new branding.

I’ve already changed the theme of the blog a while back (because the other theme was no longer supported and dead), I may change the scheme color again for this rebranding, but since most use WP reader I’m sure many haven’t realized the changes πŸ˜‹

Giving a heads-up because this means all links directing to me and my posts will be broken. I’ll leave to everyone’s discretions if they want to change the links to working ones or delete them altogether. I won’t be mad, I know how much work it is fixing broken links πŸ˜…

My new identity is Nes and my blog shall be called Critical Nes, I intend to do some far wider content, including some editorial pieces.

I considered briefly changing from WP to Weebly, blogspot or some other website but since I’ve built here a community and friends I don’t want to leave. The reason for the change would have been to get some income to the transition to a custom URL, but I don’t need it TBH. This is a hobby, and if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t have kept this far, even if I’d like to have a .com URL πŸ˜‹

I’ll be doing it this month, hoping to change it all by my birthday time (13 of April), so keep your eyes peeled!

Edit: I’ve concluded changing it all, so here’s to a new beginning!


Have you been hit with the Spring bug of change like me? If so, what do you intend to change? Tell me everything~


  1. Catttttttt! πŸ˜­πŸ’•
    I’m quite happy to see you’re doing well after so long of not talking though I always cheer for you in the shadows my dear ; w ;
    Love your change for new beginnings to be honest! I wish you all the best to come and always remember you have my full support anytime and anywhere~! (〃ω〃)

    I’m gonna get used to calling you Nes now but know you’re my one and only adorable sweet Cat I got to know! You can do it my dear Nes! (●´ω`●)πŸ’•


    1. Rikka baby ❀
      Aww, sweetheart, I always cheer for you too! ❀ I just haven't been on twitter, I've been on Line instead hehe~

      You're the sweetest, I wish you the best too, you have my 1000% support! :(<3

      You're my cute Rikka ❀ If it helps, Nes is the diminutive of the diminutive of my real name, unlike Cat XD

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      1. Yeah! I remember cause you mentioned your name to me before why I honestly think Nes is a great way for a new start for you my dear! >w<

        OH! No wonder, LMAO. I’m mostly not online much mowadays cause of school and thesis also honestly miss talking to you sooooo much! ; w ;


        1. Awww, thanks Rikka <333333

          Good luck with school and your thesis ❀ /cheers for you
          I'll be right here/Line when you return so it's okay, I miss you too *hugs*

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  2. Glad it worked out fine for you, Nes! Updated your link on my blogroll too ❀ Best wishes on your new beginning! (hugs)


    1. *Hugs* thanks sweetheart and for you too ❀
      Thank you very much for updating my link! ❀


  3. can we still call you cat or would you prefer we call you nes? also your blog’s theme looks GOOD. i really want to change mine but IDK TO WHAT. i feel like i don’t like any of the themes O(-( lolol also i did the same with my blog but no lie, i really miss being called my fujoshi life Orz


    1. I’d prefer to be called Nes πŸ˜‹ But I don’t mind if you still call me Cat~

      THANKS!!! I struggled a bit to find one that I liked so I understand what you mean about most of the themes, since my tastes tend to change a lot 😫

      The only sad part is that I’ve lost all the rankings in Google and the top posts I have appear in Google as blog is deleted, I really wish WP wouldn’t do that πŸ‘Ί Birthing a new blog while deleting the old one just doesn’t make any sense if you ask me sigh. But I’ll take it as a challenge to grow from 0 again 😀

      Oh yeah you changed your URL too, I did like that name but well, you can always change your current one to another if you’re unhappy πŸ˜‚

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      1. Nes it is then! Same, one day i’ll like one theme and the next I’ll be like ehhh it doesn’t look THAT nice xD xD and that’s true! I know wp has a thing where they’ll redirect your old links to the new blog but i think they charge for that :/ i didn’t want to pay so i just deleted my old links off my twitter and edited the ones on my fb but yeah, there’s a lot lost when you change the url >_:^)

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        1. Nes is actually part of my real name unlike Cat, that’s why I prefer it. It’s a diminutive of a diminutive though πŸ˜‚

          Ooohhhh I feel you! When I saw this one I knew it was the right one, though not sure what to choose in colors and color swatches, so I gave up and selected a premade one πŸ˜‚
          I think they’re new themes now though because I know this one wasn’t around when I made my blog or last changed my theme, so maybe now there’s more stuff for your tastes πŸ˜‹

          Yup they charge for that, so I’m whatever, rankles because I had 2 posts in top spots in Google, but not anymore πŸ‘Ί
          The other thing that rankles is WP not letting us get any income, AdSense or otherwise, when they are putting ads in our blogs for being free. Like how can I transition to the paid version if I don’t have any way to capitalize??? WP doesn’t make sense, it’s why I considered changing service but I have a community and followers here so I stayed πŸ’—

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          1. thats true, maybe i’ll look around >:3 yeah, i think the only way you can get money off your blog is if you have a (.com) website. i know you can get it as part of the paid membership but i think you can also pay like 12-18$ and then sign up for ads on your blog. you don’t get the perks for the paid membership but at least you spend a little and hopefully get more off it. I’m thinking of trying that but i’m not sure yet >_< and same, i've thought about switching over to another platform before but wp is really good when it comes to finding a community


            1. Good luck with finding something to your taste!

              WP is a bastard if you ask me, it doesn’t make sense. Free platforms like blogpost, Weebly, Wix have AdSense/monetizing options without paying πŸ‘Ί
              To me it doesn’t compensate paying for this, it’s a hobby and I don’t have the throw away kind of cash for this. Now if I earned with the blog of course I’d put the cash towards it, but WP prefers fucking us.

              Good luck with it if you try!

              TBH I haven’t ruled out another platform, plus if you don’t go with WordPress hosting WordPress reader doesn’t work either way 😀

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