Puzzle Star Bt21 is Out Now!

BT21 are the characters done by BTS, and I’ve been in love since they’ve been showcased. I’ve been excited for when they would finally release a game based on them after all the success the plushies and other merch had. Finally, it happened and I’m quivering!

I love how much personality the characters have, plus the comics inside the game are funny and endearing in equal portions, just look!

Screenshot Image

I’m thankful it’s an easy-playing type of game, BTS SuperStar quite kicked my arse while playing it, and this one I can just lay back and enjoy while puzzling through it. For those thinking it’s a bejeweled-like game, fear not for it isn’t!

The gameplay is like Tetris but instead if them falling, you draw where they’ll go. Basically choose a place and trace the shape where you want it to go. Once you make a full line, a la Tetris, you’ll have cleared the line and the blocks. It’s an interesting mix of gameplay, and I can’t wait to really dig deep into it.

Screenshot Image

You’ll also collect the characters as you go. Right now there’s a gift for those joining the game, getting one character for free and some nice gifts and boosts too. Characters level up and give boosts each time you clear missions, so the higher they are the more you’ll get. Each character also has their own skill, some will boost money, others score. So good character picking figures into the strategy for this game.

You can bet your ass that I’m playing it as I write this and eager to see how it’ll all unfold from here on out. If there’s any criticism is that the game only allows us to login with Facebook, I want a GooglePlus, Line and Twitter option too. I don’t really care for FB logins.

Now, I’ll run away to continue playing 😉


Have you heard about this game? Are you excited to play it? Are you already playing it? How is it, can’t get enough of it? Tell me everything~!

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