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This isn’t going to be a very salty, bitter or otherwise post BTW. I’m not going to complain about specific games, characters or otherwise. It’s gonna be about what I wish all the games had, or I wish it was universal for Otomobage.

One of the things is that for ingame currency they all gave 20-30 for greeting+commenting, because some give 10 and it’s honestly hard to raise it when they ask for a lot. I understand they’re trying to make money, but there are games that give 20-30 and it still works for them ( ̄^ ̄)

Speaking of in-game currency, I sure wish there was a Greet All and Comment All button on the social part. I actually spend more time greeting and sending comments to amass in-game currency than actually playing with 5 tickets (^_^;)

Another thing is that they all have BGM/sound effects, it’s weird playing some that have, others that don’t, and tbh, it breaks the immersion when there is none. I do understand these are free games, but considering CG’s for the routes are money-locked either way, and other games have them, I fail to understand why this happens.

I think most otomobage have the graphics and art part down, I see a lot of gorgeous art, so it saddens me that the systems from the games aren’t all on the same foot in terms of browsing experience, BGM, currency, etc.

But hey, I’m a cheapskate and I’ve never bought a single otomobage, I can just look up CG’s online and play them for free is pretty fine for me.

I guess if something, I would prefer if they had ads instead of the current ticket system, BUT I do not know if ads are profitable or not, so I’m ambivalent and fine with the ticket system + charm/clothes checkpoints that are typical~

Now it’s when I get a bit salty/bitter, just warning!

I think it’s complete bullshit to have to go through a route completely from the beginning 3 times to get the 3 endings. It’s super money-grubbing, it’d be fair to let us return to the ending selection, since we worked for it. Heck, I’d even accept one chapter before, but from the beginning? Do you know how long it takes to go through one single route with 5 tickets per day? Weeks, that’s what!

This wouldn’t be the most problematic thing if some of these games weren’t so broken to milk money, like Wizardess+, that they barely give any free storage so if you want to move on to other dudes you’ve got to discard items. The storage items have just too expensive, and so, you’re basically forced to do the same route 3 times for months, until you can jump ship to another guy. Even tho you send zeni/in game currency for some items, if you don’t wanna make that currency wasted, that’s what you have to do.

This is both exhausting, and infuriating. Reasons I’m maybe not cut out for mobile gaming, but it’s not a problem with some games. Desitny Ninja 2+ is a great example of everything done right! The currency items are always a good price without being excessive, unlike Oz+ that the last dress is 38k currency, the game also gives lots of storage, so you can jump dude and return at a later time without having to discard from one to the other.

Wizardess+ only good point is not having items with lots of high cost like Oz+ and actually giving all the CGs, but like WH+ there are others doing the same kind of “free” but making it impossible to actually have fun.

So I really do wish they’d all let us jump to the select ending screen, or just follow Destiny Ninja2+ example so that it’s painless!

I guess these are what I wish were universal standards for otomobage, and I don’t think they’re that much to ask for (from my perspective as just a player that doesn’t know how it works).

Do you agree with my wishes? Do you have different wishes that you’d like otomobage to have? I’d love to hear about it! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


      Come relate with me then (^_-)-☆
      Aww, thanks for hosting it, coming to read to it, and all the good things you do for us! ❤

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  1. lol yeah, because it is so time consuming to do menial tasks, I just don’t bother with it anymore. I’m just like “sorry sexy ikemen, but I guess it isn’t true love!” and walk away. I think a game should intice me to pay because I want to throw money at it for being good, not to avoid it being tedious. xD ah well~


    1. True, specially games where you actually spend more time getting in-game money & charm than actually playing :’D
      In that regard, Destiny Ninja 2+ I haven’t needed to do those all that much, the required final charm levels aren’t high, neither are the items expensive + good story&art. It’s the only one that’s survived so far that I’ve done two dudes routes hehe 。^‿^。
      I’ve done that too! Like BYEEEE, your game is shitty HASTA LA VISTA xD
      Indeed, but I think they’re so busy trying to nickle and dime that the good part goes out the window for 99% of these games :’D

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      1. xD “byeee” lol.
        that’s cool, about Destiny Ninja 2+. Haha, unfortunately nickel and diming is kind of the way things have been going with games. I understand why though, it’s just kind of annoying lol.


        1. Hehe
          Yeah DN2+ stands out in a good way~ 😀
          It’s how they fill their pockets, no wonder they keep doing it
          It’s super annoying :V


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