Mother 1/Earthbound Zero 25th Anniversary


I chose to play the 25th anniversary version of the game, which is a fan-made edit to the game, sprites and maps wise to be more comprehensive and easier to enjoy. It also has lowered difficulty, need for grinding is lowered, and overall just a better experience for me, and perhaps others more interested in the game for its story/connection to Mother 2/Earthbound.


I know this game has recently been released in Nintendo e-shops, but I have no Nintendo consoles anymore and this fan version of the game isn’t available obviously.

I played it in an emulator at 2x speed and quick saving cause I’m not about that life of dying and having to redo everything all over again. I’m too old and tired, I just want to experience the stories and in this case, the atmosphere of this game which is quite unique even today.


While it took a long time to get invested in it, I was genuinely sad at certain moments and the nuggets of story in it were super good and I wish this could get a remake and its story further explored.

All in all, I liked it but I wouldn’t have finished it if it had been the original version and difficulty. So I’m definitely glad I chose this version, and the ending hit me deeply in the feels. Onwards to Mother 2/Earthbound!


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