Impressions: Star Crossed Myth

This post is only covering the Prologue of the game, and so has spoilers related to it.

This is head over shoulders way better than Butler Until Midnight from premise, themes and set ups.

Not only are the guys more interesting, I like that the MC actually brings up the police and threatens them. Bravo for her!

The MC makes a wish upon a star, gets rammed with a shining meteor that turns out is really a huge group of guys. They’re searching for a goddess, and turns out it is her, because she has stars in her eyes.

Why do they want her? Cause they got kicked out from the stars, and need her to go back up.

This is an interesting spin on the signs and constellations, while Starry Sky took that theme in a slice of life, cute approach, this one goes with a mature and fantasy approach. Quite fond of both!

The guys look great, tho there’s a few douchebags that I just screamed GET OUT in my head.

This is another one that has some free guys to day 13 of this month. You can see below the ones that are available to chapter 5.


You can find the game for android here, and Voltage’s games in the campaign here. It’ll only be available to read till day 13 of this month, so if you’ve been eyeing them, take advantage of this!


Have you played this game? Did you like it? Does it stay good or does it get bad?


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